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Elo Šándor

Elo Šándor(*8 March 1896 in Vrbové – †9 January 1952 in Bratislava)

He started his activities in the banking sector in 1919 as an official of Ľudová banka in Nové Mesto nad Váhom. As this bank merged with Hospodárska banka and later with Slovenská banka he rose to the rank of an holder of the procuration. At the recommendation of Milan Hodža he was employed in the Bratislava branch of Hypotečná banka česká (HBČ) in 1924. With regard to his successful public education activities – especially in promoting and initiating the establishment of the Association of Farmer Mutual Treasuries (Zväz roľníckych vzájomných pokladníc), the bank's management appointed him to the position of director of a new-established branch of HBČ in Košice in 1929. After his return to Bratislava, he held the position of deputy principal of HBČ's commercial department.

In 1945 he became a member of Slovenská hypotečná a komunálna banka's temporary administration (SHKB) and also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Assistance Fund for Financial Institutions and of a syndicate of the largest banks operating in Slovakia which undertook to provide credit for the restructuring of its economy, which was depressed by war and crop failure. When the temporary administration in SHKB was lifted in 1946, he and Matej Murtin, were the chief directors of the bank. He also became a member of the Central Liquidation Office of German and Hungarian banks and president of the Action Committee of the National Front in SHKB.

In 1948 he became director of Investičná banka, Regional Institute for Slovakia, the establishment of which he had lobbied for. He worked there until his early death.

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