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Rudolf Krupec

Rudolf Krupec(*10 April 1840 in Bystrička – †18 November 1913 in Žilina)

He studied in Russia, where he graduated in science and worked on the construction of Russian railways. In 1882 he returned to Slovakia, settled in Žilina and entered into cooperation with attorney Ján Milec, with whom he founded Tatra, hornouhorská banka (Tatra, Upper Hungarian Bank) in Martin in 1886. Rudolf Krupec was its first director. Under his management the bank developed and reported successful results, expanded its branch network and increased its participation in establishing industrial companies. Tatra banka also organized Slovak social, cultural and political life in the period when, following the closure of Matica slovenská, national institutions were lacking. On 30 October 1918, the well-known Martin Declaration was adopted in its hall.

Rudolf Krupec was also a member of the Executive Committee of Slovenská národná strana (Slovak National Party), a co-founder of Kníhkupecko-nakladateľský spolok (Book-Publishing Association) and Národný dom (National House) in Martin. He developed a plan to transform Turčianske kasíno (Turiec Casino) into a large social and cultural association for the whole of Slovakia, but it did not come to fruition.

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