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Ján Milec

Ján Milec(*09 May 1847 in Necpaly – †28 August 1901 in Žilina)

He studied law and practised as an attorney in Žilina. He participated in the establishment of Vzájomná pomocnica (Mutual Help) in Žilina and later became its administrator. He was one of the founders and shareholders of the Ružomberský úverkový účastinársky spolok. His career in the area of banking culminated between 1884 and 1886, when he and Rudolf Krupec promoted the establishment of Tatra banka in Martin. He became an influential member of its Management Board and Board of Directors, and remained in these positions until his death. He was also the founder of several Žilina industrial companies, especially the Žilina cement works in Lietavská Lúčka.

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