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Drevárska banka, Bratislava (Košice branch)

Drevárska banka (Timber Merchant Bank), joint-stock company in Bratislava, was established in 1920 as ‘Drevárska banka’ and was affiliated to Tatra banka. The initial share capital was 20 million Czechoslovak crowns (Kč). It comprised 50,000 shares with a nominal value of Kč 400 per share.

The company was authorised to carry out all banking transactions permitted by law: take deposits, provide loans, sell and buy real estate, recover various claims and receive deposits. In 1920, Drevárska banka founded the company Ústredná predajňa dreva, účastinná spoločnosť, Bratislava (Central Timer Shop). The bank reported a net profit of Kč 204,000 in 1924. Deposits amounted to Kč 7 million.

The members of the administrative and supervisory board of the joint-stock company were Vladimír Jesenský, Georg Neumann, Ján Cablk, Eugen Dickmann, Eduard Ehrenwald, Ondrej Jenček, Cyril Kresák, Jozef Maderič, Moritz Reizman, Ján Záturecký, Alexander Molnár and Arnold Löw.

On 28 June 1926, the bank merged with Eskontná a hospodárska banka, joint stock company in Bratislava, and shares of Drevárska banka were exchanged for the shares of the latter in the ratio of 4 to 3.

The preserved archival material from Drevárska banka is in one box. An inventory for the bank’s fonds was prepared in 1967. Preserved fragments of documents were deposited in the archives of Štátna banka československá in Bratislava until 1965, when they were transferred to the archives of Štátna banka československá in Košice on the basis of the order of the Slovak Archival Administration. The archival material was stored in the corporate archives of Štátna banka československá at 2 Šrobárova Street. In 1995 the bank’s archive fonds was moved to the Archives of Národná banka Slovenska located at 27 Krajná Street in Bratislava and later, in 2003, to its premises at 8 Cukrová Street.

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