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Zväz slovenských peňažných ústavov, Bratislava

Zväz slovenských peňažných ústavov (Association of Slovak Financial Institutions) was established in Martin in 1915 as a mutual cooperative. It resulted from the efforts of outstanding figures of the Slovak financial sector targeted at the integrated procedure of Slovak banks in promoting their interests. The Association’s first chairman was Matúš Dula, its vice-chairman was Vladimír Makovický, and Viliam Pauliny was its secretary. The Association had 26 members in 1916.

In 1919 – 1922, this professional organisation of the Slovak financial sector continued publishing the Slovak banking journal called Slovenský Peňažník. Valér Kubány became the Association’s administrator in 1922 and its seat was moved from Martin to Bratislava. The Association was involved in the repatriation of Slovak banks’ securities deposited in Hungary. However, its activities were gradually attenuated by a lack of interest from members, especially the bigger banks (such as Slovenská banka, Bratislava, and Národná banka, Banská Bystrica), and also because the number of Slovak banks was decreasing. The publication of Slovenský Peňažník stopped in 1923 and the Association entered into liquidation in 1924, which continued until at least 1929.

Archival documents related to the activities of Zväz slovenských peňažných ústavov were deposited in the archives of Štátna banka československá in Bratislava at Marianka where they were partially processed, although no registry list or inventory was preserved. In 1973 – 1977, the documents were moved to a new building of the archives of Štátna banka československá in Bratislava at 27 Krajná Street, and in 2003 to the Archives of Národná banka Slovenska at 8 Cukrová Street in Bratislava.

The archival documents are well preserved and complete and can be used for the study of banking history in Slovakia in the years 1915 – 1924 with a focus on the coordinated cooperation of Slovak financial institutions.

The archival fonds of Zväz slovenských peňažných ústavov was processed and its inventory was created in 2016.

Last updated: Tuesday, September 17, 2019