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Fedor Houdek

Fedor Houdek(*05 January 1877 in Ružomberok – †26 February 1953 in Bratislava)

From 1907 to 1910 he acted as the Administrator of Ľudová banka in Ružomberok. Previously, he worked at Úverná banka in Ružomberok, he was also a correspondent of the company Karesch & Stotzky in Bremen and gained experience in a colonial goods wholesale business which he founded with Andrej Čajka in 1902.

In 1912 he was a board member of the Central Cooperative for Economy and Trade based in Budapest, founded by Milan Hodža and Pavol Blaho. He was also a vice-chairman of Centrokooperatív, the agrarian cooperative headquarters.

In the first Czechoslovak Republic he was chairman of the administrative board of Slovenská všeobecná úverná banka. In his publication work, he focused on economic issues, promotion of cooperatives and their history. His works were also published in the magazine Slovenský peňažník (The Slovak Financier). From 1921 to 1949 he held the post of chairman of the Central Cooperative in Bratislava. As a supporter of the Democratic Party, he refused to cooperate with the communist cooperative system after February 1948.

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